It doesn’t take a lot in modern football for fans to turn on their football favourites, but 4 games in might be a new record for Arsenal.

The gunners captain is a striker which has an impressive goalscoring rate, but he’s failed to hit the ground running this campaign. It’s still early doors, but fans are already getting annoyed with the lack of goals.

Aubameyang has netted once this season, against Fulham on the opening day. Since then, he’s had no joy. However, the calibre of the opposition may be a reason towards this, with Liverpool & Man City doing enough to nullify his ability.

Throughout the short end of season period, he was flirting with the idea of leaving Arsenal, to the point where they considered that they would have to sell him instead of letting his contract run down completely.

Things changed when he signed a staggering £36 million contract, worth just over £250,000 a week. Any hopes that his new contract would see his strike rate increase haven’t paid off yet though, it’s pretty much the opposite.

In addition to not scoring, pundits have also noted that he’s not putting in the work rate that we were so used to seeing last season. It’s true that he could have been putting in that extra shift to get the new contract, and now that he’s had this he could’ve lost interest.

With Leicester City to play on the weekend, Arsenal will be looking towards Aubameyang to provide the quality that we all know he’s capable of.


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