Forgive us, although we are a Premier League focused news site, I have the ocassional affair with the Champions League. It’s great for scouting future potential transfers.

I am a big admirer of fantasy football & thought I’d give the FanTeam Champions League tournament a shot. It cost me just over £20 to enter, but this tournament runs for the entire group stages. It’s going to work out cheaper than placing a few accas, plus I get a chance at that #1 prize.

I wanted to take it serious, but not completely ruin the fun factor. Take a look at the team I built below.

I was quite close to the deadline, so decided to finish this post up after watching the first match. I watched PSG vs Man Utd if you’re interested, and Ole Gunnar has done it again!

Shortly after I’ve chosen this team, Serge Gnabry has tested positive for COVID-19, which completely halts me in my tracks. Yes, I still have Lewandowski and Messi to carry me with some points… but Gnabry was an expensive midfield option and now I’m kind of stuck.

I’ll be re-visiting this one after the first round of matches are complete, so treat this like a diary. So far, I just feel like I am waiting now for Lewandowski to test positive!


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